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Wild Berry Farm was started in 2013 by the Bloomer and Capps families.

Wild Berry Farm is a u-pick family farm in Sadler, TX. We grow blueberries, blackberries, and vegetables. We believe that visiting a farm is a fun and educational experience everyone should have! It is a wonderful way to learn about where and how our food is grown. Children (and adults!!) love coming to the farm and visiting with the chickens before they go berry picking! When you come to our farm, you will be treated just like family! 

In February 2014 we planted 2,400 new blueberry plants and 6,000 blackberry plants. Our blueberry plants are still young, but will be mature in 3 years. They still will produce a small crop, but not a full crop like the 80 mature bushes we have. The mature bushes are producing the bulk of our crop and will for the next couple of years, until our babies are in full production!

We will have a great season for blackberries this summer! If you are a blackberry lover, you are in luck! There will be many, many delicious blackberries to harvest!

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash are going to be for sale in our country store this year. Grown here at our farm. If you have a special request for a vegetable you would like for us to grow, please feel free to call us and let us know. 903-564-5206. We will try to work your favorites into our future garden plans.

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