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Renaming and reopening the Farm

Hello everyone! A lot has changed here at the farm since we were last open for business in 2020. We had some major losses and some new inspiration that I'll share with you!

The 2021 winter storm. Need I say more? So many people had damage. Homes & businesses were all but destroyed, and we had a lot of problems here as well. Many of our fruit trees and berry plants came back, only to die later in the fall. Lots of our berry plants out in the field suffered from freeze damage. So, we had a choice to make- replant the plants we lost or try to reassess the situation. For the past 3 years, we repeatedely lost approximately 1/3 of our blackberry crops due to late spring freezes in April. These were seperate smaller freezes from the big storm. These happened when the temperature at night dropped below 32 while our berry plants were in full bloom.We really couldn't afford to open the farm for the amount of berries we were going to have available. So, we closed the farm for the past year in order to come up with a solution.

The other half of our farm endeavor has been flowers. Reliable, beautiful, and loved by all. And, they can be replanted if we are ever so unfortunate to have a late freeze in April again. So, we came to the conclusion that flowers would be our main focus here on the farm, and any berries that we have left will be a bonus. We came up with a reservation system for our visitors to be able to gage how many seeds need to be planted at one time, and manage the amount of visitors attending the farm at one time.(it could get a little bit chaotic before)

We are excited about our new system and very excited to see everyone come out an enjoy the farm again. We truly hope that you will come and be a part of nature for the day and cut your own flowers with us!

Lastly, we needed a name. Our last name is Bloomer, so it is fitting!

Bloomer's Garden & flower farm.

You can make a reservation to cut flowers on the farm any Wed- Sun in June and July.


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